Group Shot 2017

Group shot at 5 weeks and 4 days old.

Learning to line up.

Easy peezie behind a fence!

Until somebody decides they have to be in the middle.

And somebody has to screw up their face and even worse somebody hides!And somebodys get restless. And somebody leaves. And everybody starts leaving.

Puppy attention span almost as good as human attention span.

Ask any photographer.

Adios Amigos!

11 thoughts on “Group Shot 2017

    • It just happened. I rushed to get my camera and got the shots. Now doing this without a fence in between us would be downright impossible. I’ve seen photo’s with puppies all lined up just perfect and I wonder how did they do it? I’ve tried it even with help and failed miserably. In fact I made a joke about it in a blog post in 2014 “Definitely Not Professional”


  1. Love seeing them all together like this. Looks like one little guy or girl in the middle is so big! All beautiful puppies.


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