On the Rocks

The flood gates are open!

We are finally on the loose.

Thanks to Grandma.

She was the master mind behind it all.

 She has a way of communicating with Mama Jo.

She somehow tells Mama Jo we are ready for the big world.

Plus Grandma still has a playful spirit.

We know she is anxious to play with us.

She’s getting ready to show us the very important “Head Game”.

We have a cool landscape of rocks to play on.

And pose in.

Being up high does not protect you from attack.

No matter how high you go someone can always find you.

But having said that…..

……..being up high does have an advantage in an attack.

Especially when your opposition is big and fierce.

When you find something…..

……….the rocks are the best place to hide and chew.

But again…….someone always finds you.

Get used to it.

We are learning about plant life on the rocks.

Tasty plant life.

Watch were you are going on the rocks.

Because things can poke and stick to you.

Thank goodness scratching comes instinctively to us.

Mama Jo has warned us about looking under rocks on the rocks.

You never know what may be lurking under one.

But we don’t always listen to her.

We can always escape the rocks.

After a good 10 minutes of play on the rocks we get thirsty.

So when we can’t get to our water bowl we have to search for water.

We don’t require much water to keep us going.

Sometimes just a wetting of the tongue is all we need.

We usually want to get OUT of the puppy pen.

But we may need to get IN because we need more water and security.

We have to tell someone about it.

It is a dog thing.

We go IN, we go OUT, we go IN, we go OUT, we go IN, we go…..

Well you get it.

If they don’t listen that we want to go IN we howl louder.

And if they still don’t listen we want to go IN…….

…..we come at them with all the lovin’ we got.

So we can get IN.

And if they still don’t listen we have to make it obvious we want IN now.

We are ready to be OFF the rocks not ON the rocks.

Adios Amigos!

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