Mother Love

Our mother is amazing.

What would we do without her?

Our big sister Fiona is like a mother.

She too is going to be and amazing mother some day.

She is practicing on us.Mothers give us the nutrition we need to grow into healthy dogs.

Dogs that can run fast.Mothers are always sniffing us and checking on us. To make sure we are good to go play again.We stay close to our mother. And under our mother.  Mothers make sure we don’t get into things we should not get into. We think we can get away with things.

But mothers are always watching. Sometimes they let us get away with things.Sometimes they even leave us alone. And even if they are not watching us, they have someone else watch us.You can get your mothers attention by fighting with your sibling.They have to make sure we don’t get out of control. That nobody gets hurt. They get a kick out of watching us.Everybody gets a kick out of watching us.  

So thank a mother for making us.

Adios Amigos!

8 thoughts on “Mother Love

  1. So good to see your posts coming in my mail again. Everyone loves golden pups and looking at your pictures I can feel their beautiful furry coats. Brings back memories of the golden pups I’ve had. Thanks. Joy


  2. I hope those sweet babies gave you a million sweet kisses for
    Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing them here.
    Rockin Roy is smiling……………….I am sure, and my husband is right beside him saying may they be a light in someone’s earthly life.


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