Finding Joy


     Life goes on and so does my quest for joy.

         It is the little things in life that bring me the most joy.


     A cool breeze or the touch of a loved one.

Resize_16     My friends…..what would I do without them?

            The joy with my friends is like champagne.

                      It bubbles over without much encouragement.         .

Resize_13    After loss or depression joy can be elusive.

  Puppies are a sure fix.Resize_2Even when they bite your toes.

Resize_11Without joy life can be a never-ending merry-go-round.

So I go to the cool water when it is hot.

Resize_12When I get worried I tell myself my head is above water so everything will be OK.

 Joy to my ears.


Not working too hard is one key to finding joy.

If you are too busy joy can never be found.

Resize_4             Dogs, beach and vacation create instant joy….for me anyway.   Resize_15Dogs in general are good at finding joy.

So it helps me to be around them.Resize_6

I remind myself everyday that joy is not elusive if I make a point of looking for it.

      Everybody knows a walk on the beach can bring joy.

Resize_19       Exploring places of wonder bring me joy.  Even when it is raining.

      So I go. Resize_7           My kids bring me joy (most of the time lol) and they always will.

       When I look at this photo I know I’ve come a long way.

         And that feeling brings me joy.

    Adios Amigos!!

    Stay tuned for pregnancy and puppy tales!

16 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. Hi Jo, Glad to hear you’re seeking and finding some joy. I love all of your photos and the way you tell a story. Look forward to more.


  2. Yess Jo… little things in life… joy and happiness are always just behind the corner, with surprises of sadness and sorrow as well. This is human life. Which we shall adjust to, willing or not. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures! Amazing beautiful creatures your Golden retriever…
    Hugs and wishes for love times with your good friends!
    :-)claudine from Switzerland


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