The Politics of Purebreds

I try to make this a feel good blog but I’ve got to get something off my chest.

The political wrangling around purebred puppies makes me want to stick my head in the sand.

Even though I am an extrovert.

Most who know me see me as being strong and independent which I am.

But what many don’t know is I have the trait of being a highly sensitive person. I am not afraid to admit it.

I’m able to come to grips with my sensitivities.

I can handle criticism.

My sensitivities make me a better person to other persons.

But being sensitive can be a burden.

Not a day goes by without me feeling I’m wrong for what I do.

Breeding political monsters that is.

I have a hunch some who buy or adopt a political monster get that same guilty feeling.

If they are a sensitive person like me.

Anyone that knows me knows I would never do anything to harm an animal.

But I breed political monsters.

 Animal rights activists say buying a purebred puppy kills a dog in a shelter.

So you need to rescue a dog in a shelter.

Or you will feel guilty.

Or worse shameful.

I do not support animal cruelty in any way.

I do not support puppy mills or pet stores selling puppies.

 I support any effort by organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, and The Humane Society of the US to end these practices.

But I do not support PETA’s statement about dog breeders.

           Since when is extremism and political vitriol the way to reach hearts and minds?

Here is a statement copied and pasted from the current PETA website.

“People who breed dogs and cats profit at animals’ expense. There is no such thing as a “responsible” breeder, because for every puppy or kitten who is produced by any breeder, an animal awaiting adoption at an animal shelter loses his or her chance at finding a home—and will be euthanized. Breeders kill shelter animals’ chance to have a life.”

In addition to breeders killing shelter dogs……

Breed__56They say we ignore natural selection.They say we add to the overpopulation of dogs.

Breed__48They say we breed for appearance only, ignoring temperament and behavior.They say we ignore health and genetics, intentionally mutilating our dogs who suffer the debilitating consequences.They say we don’t require or encourage our puppy owners to spay and neuter.

Believe it or not it has even been written that pure breeding is “the racism of the animal kingdom”.OK take a deep breath…..I know I need to.I am not in opposition to rescuing the poor dogs who end up in shelters.But I am against condemning an entire group of passionate breeders because a small number of breeders breed for profit only with no love for the dogs they produce.How about PETA blame, sanction and punish the owners who abandoned these dogs to shelters NOT the breeders and future purebred owners? How about PETA not vilify dog registries such as the American Kennel Club who advocates for health screening and DNA tests to breed hereditary conditions out of breeds?How about PETA admit and inform on how the AKC funded over $24 million in research to improve the quality of breeding and the betterment of dogs?  Because it does not support their agenda of denigrating breeders and purebreds.

They have decided denigrating breeders and purebreds is the way to end dog homelessness.

Don’t get me wrong.

I agree things need to change in our dog culture.

 Our culture of complacency and consumerism around dogs has to change.

It is the responsibility of EVERY dog owner or more importantly every potential dog owner to step up to the plate.I know many will disagree on some or all levels of what I am about to say.

Dogs or any pet for that matter need to be treated as a member of the family.

And I am not talking about they should be allowed on the couch or inside or get to the finest dog food etc. etc. etc.

I’m talking about separation of a family member.

         Would you give up your child because it can’t get along with your other children?

Would you give up on your child because it had a behavior problem?

Would you give up your child because you have to move to another location and they don’t allow children there?

No you would not.

You would do everything in your power to fix things.

Or at least I hope you would.

I’m not saying a dog is equal to your human child or any human.

But you catch my drift right?

 I am saying a dog deserves devotion.

It cannot be treated like an item.

Like it is sometimes.

I’m also sick of extremism.

In case you did not notice.

Adios Amigos!!

27 thoughts on “The Politics of Purebreds

  1. Oh Jo, this is SO well said. As I sit here petting my beautiful political monster named Ukiah, I’m almost fuming. People who buy puppies from a RESPONSIBLE, loving, reputable breeder like you are not villains nor are you, the breeder, a villain. Just as the people who rescue aren’t necessarily quite the heroes we all like to dream they are nor are the rescue organizations themselves always the most reputable. Our two daughters have a connection to the rescue organizations they got their pups from and they hear many a story of adopters who return the pups to the rescue for the slightest inconvenience. When a person loves a particular breed and seeks that breed from a loving, caring breeder and gives that dog a permanent place in the family, they are just as wonderful and caring as a person who adopts. Ukiah is now 10 and is the sweetest, most beautiful dog a person could ask for. When the time comes that we are faced with losing her, we should be so lucky that you are still breeding these loving pups. I’m glad you addressed this issue because it gives me a chance to tell you how grateful we are to have found such a responsible and loving breeder of sweet dogs. Much love, Judy (and Brent too!)

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  2. Amen my friend! You were on my mind this evening, so it’s interesting that when I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep, I’d see your post. First let me say Amen again! XOXO

    Second – I have had rescue and stray dogs and cats my whole life. If there’s a lost dog or cat – it WILL find me! And the only purebred anything I’ve ever had have been my Goldens. I have friends who are stronger than I that rescue elder Goldens (which I could just never do). Not because it’s not an amazing thing to do for the animals – but I have a hard enough time with having to say goodbye – I just couldn’t imagine doing it repeatedly every couple of years.

    One thing the whole wild horse issue has taught me is to ignore extremism at all costs! I rarely even watch the news anymore. Too much negativity and hatred.

    Now reach down and scratch behind that soft ear of whoever’s closest (I’m sure they’re not far) and smile. Because you and your beautiful blondes give the gift of love, the gift of life, and we know your love for those pups is a pure as their love for you in return.


  3. I believe all dogs are here to open our hearts. That is the Big Picture. Humans need our hearts open. That’s all that matters. I’m sorry you are treated this way. Half our dogs are pedigreed; half are not. When we are looking for an ethical breeder, we are so relieved to find them. Thank you for your service.


  4. Love this Aunt Jo thank you for sharing!!! You keep doing what you do best your an amazing dog mommy and breeder❤️🐶 all the dogs are treated like royalty at Sun Dog Ranch!


  5. Wonderfully said! Thank you for putting this blog up. Our home has had both rescue pups and purebred fur babies that fill our hearts with so much joy. I feel very blessed that I have found such a beautiful human in you that feels so passionately about life and animals. Looking forward to meeting you and the Sun Dogs in a couple of months when Fiona’s puppies arrive.


  6. Excellent post. Gorgeous little puppies. I have bought a purebread chihuahua and loved her dearly (not from puppy farm of course) and current fur baby is a rescue. Love him dearly too. It’s just about being mindful of where you buy to give a dog 🐶 a loving home.


  7. Dear Jo, you shall not feel guilty if you do it with a feeling of love.
    There are millions of people doing actions which may be taken as “offensive” for other… working in a gun’s fabric doesn’t mean you help to kill people. Working in a pharmaceutic firm doesn’t mean you spread viruses or bacterias to sell a product.
    You work since you need to get a salary to live.
    That’s life, for (almost) each one of us.
    I’m with PETA since quite a few years, I’m vegetarian, still not vegan since sometimes I eat a piece of cheese… but this doesn’t mean I don’t care about little calves taken away from their mother right after birth.
    My husband and I, we give a house, food, and love for the feral cats here around, it’s true I wouldn’t buy a “fancy” purebred cat… but we did take with us giving a new home to Tommy, a Ragdoll cat whom owner didn’t have any more time for him.
    Maybe there are many breeders without scruples, don’t make me go into details you know what I mean, but you aren’t one of them. I’m positively sure.
    Your conscious is sane and clear, so you don’t need to suffer from feeling guilty. I can use empathy since I’m terribly sensible too… isn’t easy to get along in a world full with hatred and ferocity. Your dogs are beautiful and I guess you give them all the love they deserve. This is your job, keep it up with the good purposes!
    Don’t be so harsh on PETA, maybe they are severe and generalistic, but this is because only a few breeders are like you. Especially from the eastern countries, or even Italy and Spain, we have horrible stories about exploitations of animals for breeding… it’s normal that the bad things develop hatred and aversion. But here in Europe, not all is golden and shining.
    Hugs :-)claudine


    • Hi Claudine. I appreciate your thoughtful input and devotion to your animals and other animals. I also believe what you say about breeding practices maybe much worse in Europe. We don’t hear much about Europe’s breeding practice here in America. Europe is often held up as countries we should aspire to be like. I hear they eat horse meat there which I am adamantly apposed to as most are in America. Anyway I still don’t believe in PETAS tactics. “They”meaning the management of the organization (not individuals such as yourself who genuinely care about all animals purebred or otherwise) blatantly condemn all breeding as wrong. I am not an exception in America. The majority of breeders here are caring and responsible yet they are still lumped in with the bad apples. There is no attempt to reward good stewardship in the profession. Don’t get me wrong…much good has come about by shining the spotlight on animal abuse and inhumane breeding and animal raising practices. I’m ok with ridding that out. My beef is with how many activists go overboard and throw the baby out with the bath water. They get radical about it which I don’t like. It hurts breeders like me and the owners of purebreds as well. Hugs across the globe.

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      • Hugs to you too, dear Jo. Any kind of “forced activism” does more bad than good… alike with extremist on the vegan story. We have that in many other situations, all around the world. We could call it “radicalism” as well… ore even “fondamentalism” I guess there is a lot of adjectivs to call the extreme way of doing or thinking.
        We just forgot that not everyone act the same way, we have people without scrupols or hearts, we have other who does things thinking with feelings and ponding well each steps. I’m sure you belong to those.
        Yeah, that’s right, here people eat horses! And they pretend to be very good for the health… In Australia people eat kangoroos, in China and south eastern countries they eat dogs…
        During both world wars, people were eating rodents, and they still in South America in some countries.
        Places you go, usaces you may find.
        But my husband and I, we’re vegetarian. I’ still trying to go vegan, but I adore cheeses and for this reason I make sure I buy only organic one’s.
        I can live with it, it’s okay for my conscious. Actually I hate to look at certain videos showing how little calfs are taken away from their mothers… each time I think about reducing the cheese consumpion, and I’m doing it quite well. I don’t throw away my old clothings even if they are made of pure woll, but I don’t buy new itemI which I know they are made with products not respecting my feeling towards animal’s (a.ex. feathers, angora, cahimire from farms, furs and so on). It’s little you can do each single day, with love and compassion! Important is to feel love inside your heart for all sentient beings… and animals are!
        Hugs, dear Jo, and keep up the good work with your beautiful dogs!!! :-)c


      • Well said Claudine. I can say that in America we don’t eat dogs and I can confidently say this nation never will. We don’t eat horses but there are pro slaughter factions who advocate for it. Looks like America is rejecting the idea mostly. We will never eat Kangaroo for obvious reasons. I must admit I do eat meat but almost all meat I eat is raised humanely. Were I live is surrounded with farms and ranches that raise meat so it is part of the culture. Anyway…to each his own. Thanks for your support and reason. Jo

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