Cole_7 Waiting for birth is unquestionably the ultimate state of


                       You plan and plan and sometimes nothing goes as planned.

Take Fiona’s pregnancy.

It did not happen when it was supposed to happen.

But it happened.  So we are thankful.Cole_3

The whelping box is out!

YES it is painted purple this year.

In anticipation of gold and purple looking awesome together.

AND it being filled with pure sweetness soon.  Cole

All the tools of the trade are out.

These pretty ribbons will be put to use in no time…….

 I’m anticipating.Cole_5

A few more tools I may need.

Some are more valuable than others.

I’m anticipating I won’t need a few of them.Cole_4

This tool will be used.

No anticipation.


These will also be used.

No anticipation about it.Cole_1

The puppy basket is out too.

A little squashed from storage but it will live another litter.

I anticipate.Cole_6

                            And last but not least I scribe, I log,  I record,  I write.

Usually on a yellow note pad.

But this time I have a new tool for recording.

I anticipate it will be helpful….we’ll see.

Stay tuned for puppy tales coming real soon!

I anticipate.

Adios Amigos!



6 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Once again when I see this litter of beautiful pups, I will have to REALLY fight the urge to bring one to live with his or her distant cousin. I cannot wait to see them!!!


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