Fiona’s Turn

This is the story of Fiona’s birth coming straight from the horse’s mouth.Birth stories are the best stories says Mama Jo.  So here I go.  Here I am trying to take things in stride like a Golden should.  Even when I have something very strange happening to me.  Even though my nature is to worry about some things.

It all started with this handsome guy who my human mom, Mama Jo, introduced me to.  I was quite receptive to his advances.  With a little help we were able to make magic happen.Which brings me to this point.  Lying on this bed.  Not wanting to get off it for some reason I can’t explain.  But as I mentioned before I’m trying to be a good Golden and take things in stride.I feel the need to hunker down. Literally.  Mama Jo is here to hunker down with me.  She says she won’t leave my side.  Which makes taking things in stride a little easier.Once in a while this awful feeling inside gets the best of me.  I get a little sad because somehow on a deeper level I know my life is about to change.

This is when I close my eyes and think about Moses.Isn’t he the most handsome guy you have ever seen?  I wonder if he is thinking about me?Mama Jo says I must get in the purple box.  I’ve seen this box before but something about it has changed.  She says me and all the Sundogs were born in this box.  For some reason her explanation doesn’t make me feel any better.  I’d rather be on the bed.I don’t know if I believe her about the box and I don’t really care.  I’m working on taking things in stride.

I can’t stop panting even though I’m not hot.I’m trying not to panic.  I wish Mama Jo would let me get on the bed.I’m trying to think of a way out of this box. But I don’t want to let my Mama Jo down.Mama Jo says THINK PUPPIES.  Instead I’m thinking about Moses to keep my mind focused.  This is Moses as a puppy.  Can you get any cuter?  Before I knew it I was uncontrollably pushing puppies out.   Unfortunately Mama Jo could not take pictures of my first puppies being born because we had a little crisis.  I am not afraid to admit it.  I went on a mothering strike which I feel kinda bad about.  But I could not help it.  I was tired of taking things in stride.  I refused to have anything to do with the puppies unless I could birth them on the bed were I felt comfortable.  I forced the issue and it worked.  You see here I am again on the bed were I want to be and I am able to take things in stride again.  I told Mama Jo not to freak out.  I would take care of the puppies if I could have my way about things at this critical time in my life.  For once I taught her a lesson.It this point I had 3 puppies.  I felt relieved not caring how many more were to come because this part of birthing was the good part.  Getting the puppies out of me was such a relief.Before the sun came up I had 10 beautiful babies.  AND I agreed to stay in the purple box.  I finally understood why I needed to be there.  My babies needed protection.  Also I’m sad to tell you but I have to get this off my mind.  We had a complication with one of my babies.  Something was not right with him. Mama Jo said I needed to let him go.  So I did. The best part of having these babies is blissfully sleeping while they attach to me.  They all seem content for the most part but they do squeal sometimes which worries me.

Mama Jo let my canine Mama Sasha in to look in my purple box. I was a little worried about it but she sat quietly in front of my box and kept her distance.  I think she was shocked that she was not the one in the purple box having puppies.  I think she secretly though the box belonged to her.  Because I saw her sleeping in the box a few nights before my babies came.And then Mama Jo said she also had to let my Grandma Maisie in to look in my box.  Apparently Grandma Maisie was a bit pushed put of shape for not getting much attention all day yesterday and through the night.

Even though my Grandma has seen many puppies born since she had her own puppies years ago she appeared stunned and amazed.Her way of taking things in stride is to grab a toy or what ever happens to be available and swing it around while growling. Sometimes she will even let out a big loud bark as if trying to talk like a human.  I think she is trying to steal all the attention away from me. I got used to my Mama Sasha being in the room.  I felt sorry for her since I knew she was a little jealous of me and she loves being in the box.The best part of being a new mama is gazing at my perfectly perfect babies. They don’t look just like me or my Mama Sasha but Mama Jo says they will grow in to little beauties just like me.  Who will walk and run and play just like me.  Who will take things in stride just like me.  Who will be perfect companions just like me.I am committed to being the best mama I can be.  So my babies will grow up to be just like me.I will stay in the purple box until my babies grow out of it.

And I promise I will never go on a mothering strike again.

  Adios Amigos!!






22 thoughts on “Fiona’s Turn

  1. So precious! Fiona is a wonderful mama and her babies are perfect. Thank you Jo for the post and pictures. Our hearts are full of love and anticipation already!


  2. That is the sweetest story from Fiona’s point of view. The photos captured it all! The pups look beautiful and I can’t wait to meet them. Good job Fiona and Mama Jo!


  3. congratulations mama Fiona and mama jo, brings back memories. they are beautiful. I can almost smell the puppy breath from here. thanks for sharing. Tali is doing well.


  4. Jo, what a beautiful post! You have no idea what it means to me to read about your gorgeous dogs and see such precious images. My beautiful boy, Paddington, crossed over the rainbow bridge 11 months ago and I miss his sweet face and goofy nature every single day. Golden retrievers are THE most special dogs. Please keep posting, it brings me so much joy. Thank you. xxx


    • Thank you so much. What keeps me going is making a connection with other dog owners who love and cherish their dogs whether present or past. I am working on finding a new voice so to speak through writing these days. If I can bring joy to others my job is done. Again thanks for the vote of confidence. Jo

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