Male Energy

Some believe one sex of dog is superior over the other sex.  This bias usually goes to the female dog.  ARRRGGH!!  Let’s hear it for male energy.  Take Fiona’s litter of 8 males and 2 females.  Yes that is right.  8 male puppies is a first for a Sundog litter.  But look here at this photo.  You cannot tell what sex they are in this photo and they still look perfect right?  Because the truth is, backed up by research, there is no superior sex. When you stack up the facts the behavior of a dog is not determined by it’s sex.  Behavior is determined by the dogs breeding, environment, training and human caretakers.  That means you and me gotta do a good job raising these perfect babies.  Sometimes male energy is described as aggressive.  Let’s substitute that word for dominant or better yet assertive.  If the human caretaker understands the importance of being dominate over any dog it has then this “problem” is not a big problem.  Assertiveness is a positive trait don’t you agree?  All the more reason for an owner to be the best they can be when it comes to training a puppy.Female energy is thought to be more nurturing and passive.  The nurturing part I will hand to females.  But passive can go either way.  Have you ever met a passive male dog?  The answer is most likely yes.  Which brings us to breed characteristics. With the Golden Retriever breed, heads or tails, it does not matter.  The difference in the sexes is marginal at best.  Some may say I’m bias, LOL,  but research backs me up. Except in some circumstances if the snip snip snip is not undertaken underneath.  The jury is still out on this subject.   And if things get to be a problem then snip snip snip and the problem is for the most part solved.  Voila!In defense of male energy male dogs are noted to be more emotionally secure.  More stable in their moods.  They are also described as being either goofy, klutzy or BIG softees.  Which is the part about them I in particular LOVE!And while we are on the subject of emotions female dogs tend to be a bit moody. They are masters at the dirty sulk look.   You may have heard that females are smarter.  Just like the human species. Oops I did not say that.  No but really there is some truth to this fact based on the research.  Female dogs mature faster and are more alert to changes in the environment.  That can be a good thing when it comes to training a puppy.  But on the other hand they tend to be more independent and obstinate once mature.  A little patience is all that is needed for a male. They come around in time with that wonderful male energy that is rarely obstinate.And last but not least is size and hardware. Have you heard size does not matter?  Glad we got that out-of-the-way.  Hardware is pretty insignificant too.  You could argue this point but females mark territory too…..from a lower vantage point is all.  In fact females are more territorial.  And research backs me up. So if after everything I’ve said you are still biased on females.  Well that is OK because any Golden is a good Golden….but of course I’m bias!

Adios Amigos!

11 thoughts on “Male Energy

  1. These pictures are POSITIVELY ADORABLE and pretty interesting info about male and female dogs. Our first Golden was a male and our second is sweet, girlie Ukiah. Have to say though, our first male Golden was incredibly sweet and gentle in every way including with our kids from infancy on up. Golden Retrievers are just all around amazing; male or female!


  2. Beautiful post Jo! We have been foster parents for years and our Golden male was a perfect love with the children. He was always a ready pillow when they wanted to snuggle.


  3. Our beautiful male from 2017 (Sketch) is the sweetest,yes klutzy but the happiest guy in the world. He loves to watch TV, eat but most give so much love and affection.


  4. “You may have heard that females are smarter. Just like the human species.” I love this quotation 🙂
    these puppies are adorable and soooo cute! Gosh, they need to get wonderful foster parents to take care of them, and I’m more than sure that you will look after them in such a caring manner to be sure they will get the best families possible!
    Hugs dear Jo, keep caring for these babies
    … and to you as well :-)claudine


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