The Beauty of Grandmas

We had a rough week last week.  No need to go into details only to say we suffered a tragedy.  We lost a perfect puppy.  Mama Jo could not blog about it because she hurt so bad inside.  She says she has to be inspired to write and grief takes away her inspiration.  The death was due to trauma which I’m pretty sure I caused.  Mama Jo seemed upset at me at first which I did not understand because I did not understand what happened in the first place.  Luckily Mama Jo came to her senses and quit blaming me.  She says she felt awful because she was responsible too.  Especially since I’m a new mom.  It is OK.   We have worked everything out.

And look who has stepped in to save the day!  Sasha, my canine mama.  She is a new grandma.  She is ready to help and seems to like her new role.She lets my babies come near and sniff her.  She loves my babies as if they were her own.  And my babies seem to love her.They want to get to know each other. We sit together and my babies go in between both of us.  It is like my babies now have two mothers.  They come to me for feeding of course.Then Sasha takes care of the job I am not crazy about.  Yup that’s right.  I’m not crazy about this part of mothering.  Mama Jo wishes I was. Did you know we are raising this litter of babies in a trailer?  We are used to living here off and on.  Mama Jo calls it The Dog House.  And that’s no joke.    When I do sit up nursing Mama Jo is there to make sure tragedy does not strike again.I start to get sleepy after my babies nurse for a while. And I go down.  We all get sleep. Except Mama Jo.  She has to watch over us.  She is constantly thinking ahead.  Like the fact our nails will soon need to to trimmed. We don’t worry about those kinds of things.  That is what Mama Jo is for. And Sasha is here too, to help me with single parenting. I’m a little embarrassed with this photo as it looks like my Mama Sasha has taken over for me completely.  But it is not the case.  My Mama Sasha loves babies and wants some for herself. My babies are all sleeping now thanks to our team work. Are they perfect or what? They live in a world of innocent dreams. When they get hungry the dreams end and it is all about getting food from me.I let them feed.  I try to do my job the best I can.I’m not quite as crazy about this single parenting job as my Mama Sasha is.  But I do it anyway because I know it is the right thing to do. I am grateful Mama Sasha is loving being a Grandma.  She watches over us and takes things in stride even when they worry me.She keeps an eye out for what lurks around us. She will alert and get Mama Jo’s help if needed so I can nurse and get rest.  Mama Sasha and I are very close.  We have a good relationship. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Thank god for Grandmas.

Adios Amigo’s!!

14 thoughts on “The Beauty of Grandmas

  1. Such a beautiful post! I am so sorry about your loss. Grandma’s are essential and Sasha is a perfect example! Looking forward to meeting her, Fiona and the little ones. You are a wonderful human Mommy and I love reading these! Thank you!

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  2. Oh Jo – what a beautiful bunch of pure joy. Grandma Sasha and I are like spirit souls. I too am loving life as a grandma!


  3. I feel so bad that you had this terribly sad thing happen. Nothing but love at Sun Dog Ranch so I know that was hard on humans and canines alike. This is a beautiful post. Like all of your posts. XO


  4. Jo, I’ve seen some curious/horrible acts around Goldens birthing and won’t soon forget. Moms are each different and you hope yours knows what she’s doing. Our Golden, Shandy, aka “Lola” from Maisie and Black Jack Casanova, depended upon our Seamas for each of two litters and Seamas is the best Daddy Momma Surrogate ever.
    Lovingly written article.


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