Who Went Where and With Who

I am going to try to get through this post without tearing up so I’d better just get going and say what I need to say.  DSC03434One of the hardest things for any breeder to do is to give up the living, breathing bundles of joy you have helped raise along with your Mama dog.  The dreaded day comes when you have to say goodbye to each puppy and THEN ask your puppy to say goodbye to mama and siblings and THEN ask your mama dog to say good bye to each puppy.  Pictured above is Kobi, formerly Cowboy,  on his new journey in life.photo 4Here is Sasha giving away her 8th puppy.  This time she decided she was not going to inspect the car her puppy was going home in.  She sat and watched her baby go from a far.photo 3Here is Diane Mckeag who is the new mama of Teekon, formerly Cinch,  reassuring Sasha she would take good care of her baby.  Teekon means wolf in Athabascan (native Indian)photo 2Cinch NOW Teekon before he gets in the car with Diane and Doug (missed a photo of Doug) on their way ALL THE WAY to Portland Oregon.  Diane says Teekon is going great in his new home.  He thinks potty training is a cinch.  He already sits at the door and whines to go outside and do his business.  Diane and Doug have owned dogs but this is their FIRST Golden.  I told them they are in for a treat.  Once you own a Golden….well life changes.

DSC03411 - Version 3The only thing that makes giving up those pups easier is knowing they are going to the BEST homes possible.   Let me introduce you to Michael and Ruth Robinson of El Cerrito, Ca.  They are the proud mama and papa of Kobi, formerly Cowboy.  I believe Kobi is their 3rd or 4th Golden.   Ruth is recently retired and will be using Kobi as a therapy dog in a local hospital.  Michael and the grandchildren are very active in training Kobi to become the best behaved dog EVER.   Michael sends me photo’s every week letting me know of Kobi’s progress and the grand kids JOY in having Kobi.  I’d like to share some with you.
Mail Attachment copy


Michael’s quote to this photo  “I have always thought that every boy should have a dog,
and every dog should have a boy (or girl).DSC03361 - Version 2JOY  DSC00037
In addition to this photo Michael writes “We are having one kid after school for three days each week so each can have time alone with Kobi. What fun for them. Today was Fiona’s day. Dinner included. And Miles attends a puppy school with us in the evening. Kobi gets very excited when one arrives. And he does respond very well to their commands. He is learning: sit, (lay) down and leave it. He seemed to learn “leave it” in class on the first try with an instructor who used him to demonstrate her teaching technique. What a good boy. He also is learning stay and come.” DSC03439Kobi had his first vet appointment at home!  He got an A+.DSC00014“Cowboy Kobi in the rain exploring a muddy area and keeping an eye out for the bad guy (25 feet away) who might just want to get him back inside!”

DSC03372 “Kobi had another uneventful night, up twice at our request, not that he was complaining. He prefers to nap in a cat bed that our last Golden liked as a puppy. Here he is for his morning nap.” DSC00013Do you think Kobi has enough toys?  If you have ever owned a Golden you know they can never have enough toys.DSC03421Kobi loves to be wrapped in blankets after getting wet in the rain.DSC03443 - Version 2
Michael writes…”An early Christmas present. Miles joined us yesterday after school and attended puppy class with us in the evening. He wanted to take charge and carried the puppy whenever we went to and from the minivan. He sits next to Kobi in the van. What a great relationship. Kobi is so social. He went up to all the other dogs in the class (8 total) individually and greeted them during play periods. He was used by the instructor to demonstrate the appropriate people response to a hard bite (she made him do it; he has a very soft bite) and the appropriate response of the dog to the verbal correction.  An earlier dog failed the test in all respects. Kobi was perfect.”  DO YOU THINK KOBI”S PARENTS ARE PROUD?IMG_6195No this is NOT Kobi this is Rein NOW know as Sophia.  She looks much more like a girl right?  The name Sophia reminds me of Sasha.  Very feminine for a very pretty girl.  The grass here reminds Sophia of the grass she used to play on at Sundog Ranch.  I like her new harness.  She looks lovely in turquoise.IMG_6189Sophia is loved and cared for by Alicia and her mom Katherine Frederick.  Sophia is their FIRST Golden.  They live in San Jose, Ca.  Little Barney held by Katherine is Sophia’s new little friend, little brother, LITTLE DOG friend.  What a happy family.  Girls are outnumbering the boys though.  Be nice to Barney girls.DSC_2364And look who we have here.  This is Riata NOW know as Dakota.  She still has her purple ribbon from her infancy.  Funny how the legs grow tall but the neck size does not.  1926901_10202437102542679_1402285804_n  Dakota like Sophia feels at home in the grass.DSC_2336Dakota I think you are a pet model in the making.  OMG cute.DSC_2318Dakota looking a little sleepy here is loved and cared for by Jenn Handy of Rancho Cordova, Ca.  Jenn had recently lost her Golden of 14 years.  She called me a few nights after her passing saying she HAD to have another Golden.   This often happens when people lose a Golden.  They feel the need to replace them soon since they are such a big part of their lives.  Morgen_sleepingOfficeAnd then we have Ms. Pearl NOW know as Morgen.  As you can tell she feels comfortable in her crate here.  Demonstrating the sideways almost upside down sleeping position.Morgen_Meisje_dinnerMorgen loves her new kinda mama,  kinda friend,  kinda sister, Meisje.  Let’s just call her Morgen’s BIG DOG friend.  Meisje means “little girl” in Dutch.   Dinner“Thanks for the legs up Meisje!” M_M_waitingForFoodI am convinced there is a family connection.  I hear Meisje lets Morgen share in some of her special food.  Wow sharing food?   They like to chew on pine cones and take power naps together.Girls_at_officeThis is Terre Layton.  She is the proud guardian of Morgen and Meisje.  They live in San Francisco, Ca.  Both Meisje and Morgen get to come to work with Terre.  Terre says Pearl….I mean Morgen is bringing some life back into Meisje who is 11 years old and strong but has suffered through some health issues.   Terre adores Meisje and is devoted to giving her the very best care.   So devoted to Meisje she hesitated in getting a Danehy Golden for three years.  Lucky Morgen.   Morgen_9WKsMorgen gets to be on the couch.   Mama Jo likes that.  Sleepy_GirlsBy the looks of this photo I think angel Morgen landed in a pretty good spot.photo-5OK lets mix things up and get back to the boys.  This is Partner now know as Cooper adopted by Ellen Anderson and Harry Kauffman.   This is their first family photo.  They all live in Danville, Ca.  Ellen and Harry lost their Golden Sam not too long ago and had to bring another Golden back into their lives.  photo-11Cooper is a very active boy and is doing great on a leash now.  Grass is everywhere!  Thank goodness.  I think Harry might be waiting for Cooper to do his business but Cooper has other ideas.photo-10Sticking with the boys…this is Howdy NOW know as Wilbur.  He is with his new LOVING owners Evelyn and Jim Fretz.  Jim picked up Howdy…I mean Wilbur the last day in March.  They drove ALL THE WAY back to Wilbur’s new home in Tuscon, Arizona.   Wilbur is named after the mascot at University of Arizona.

IMG_0151This is Wilbur with his new parents and their grandchildren.  The story is familiar.  Evelyn and Jim also lost their Golden Riley not too long ago and HAD to replace him.  Since you can’t clone a Golden replacement is the only option.  Evelyn says Wilbur got an A + on his vet exam and is adjusting well to life out-of-state.  I checked the climate in Tuscon…..it is just about the same as Chico…..I mean Sundog.Sleepy time...Now let’s get back to the girls.  We have two girls left.  Here is Sunny girl NOW Shasta.  I think her dirty orange ribbon has changed to a nice bright red ribbon.  I’m glad she is sticking to warm colors to honor her original name.  Shasta is named after snow covered Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  We also have a Shasta puppy from our 2004 litter.  Captain’s sister.  I think this little lamb kinda looks like Shasta. Chillin on the porchShasta is loving life with Ray, Genene and Daisy from Vacaville, Ca.  Here is Ray with the girls.   Genene (not pictured).  Daisy is the one on the left!  That means yes yes!!  Shasta has a new kinda mama, kinda friend, kinda sister, BIG DOG friend.  And she is a Goldie!   My first day in my new home.Here is Shasta in her dirty orange “Sunny” ribbon.  I can’t wait to learn about Shasta’s personality as she grows up.  Sunny…I mean Shasta was the alpha dog of the puppy pack at Sundog.  You had to have guts to mess with Sunny….I mean Shasta.

I get a little glimpse into her from this quote by Genene who writes on 3/26/14    “Oh my goodness! Shasta is adapting very well to her new surroundings! She is such a precious little bundle of joy! We love her already. Everyday she’s getting more friskier and putting some pep into Daisy’s step too. Shasta loves playing with her toys and running around the couch over and over faster than Speedy Gonzalez! Sometimes she see’s her reflection in the glass fireplace doors and is so amused by that, barking at herself and running around in circles lol! She’s doing very well with potty training too, although the rain has caused a bit of a setback because she gets distracted by the raindrops and starts to chase them and chomp on them as if she caught herself a bug lol. It’s so funny! So it’s back in the house we go! and take her back out a little later when the rain lets up. I think being around Daisy she will learn fast. It’s really cute watching her chase those raindrops!”20140326_133210Shasta has plenty of toys.  Boy has she whitened up!  She used to be the darkest of the pups.   If you can call these pups dark I don’t know what dark is. 20140326_135444Shasta and Daisy (a truly dark Golden) nap together like Morgen and Meisje.20140326_130803

My first vet visit.Shasta got an A+ at her vet exam.  Look at those long legs.photo-6Next we have Star who is NOW Bella pictured here with her proud owner Julia Manzo of Sacramento, Ca.   YES!!  Bella Star has a kinda mama, kinda friend, kinda sister, BIG DOG friend whose name is Hanna.   Hanna and Bella are related. Really.  Hanna is Bella’s Great Aunt.  In other words Hanna is the sister of Sasha’s daddy Black Jack Casanova.  Got that?photo-8Here is Bella not long after her long two hour journey from Sundog.  She still has her black and white gingham ribbon….sniff, sniff.photo-9Can you see the grass is a common theme here?    Bella is dreaming she is still at Sundog on the puppy palace lawn….having drifted off to sleep after a good feed.photo-7Kinda mama, kinda friend, kinda sister BIG DOG sleeping with new puppy is a theme too.  Does this make your heart melt?  DSC00139I have to leave you with a bang.

This is Cowboy Kobi.  Shall we say Ruth is having fun with Kobi?  Michael says Kobi had no problem with this.  “At least she bought him a ball to distract him from the indignity.”

Adios Amigo’s 🙂

24 thoughts on “Who Went Where and With Who

  1. How beautiful! If I am tearing up I can just imagine how you must feel. It must bring you some comfort to know they all went to such wonderful homes. I love how everyone sent photos too! When we got OUR “Dakota” (so happy there is a Dakota there as well, but ours is a boy, it means “Trusted Friend” in American Indian), I always send the breeder photos, she follows his blog too. It makes her and us so happy!!! ((((hugs))) to you all, you have bred some of the most beautiful Goldens I have ever seen. What great dogs they are too. Incredible breed. Oh and I LOVE your house!


    • Thank you for all the glowing compliments. I LOVE the name Dakota….and thank you for being kind to your dog breeder. Sometimes breeders get a bad rap but mostly they get forgotten. I want to say thank you to all the puppy owners who sent me these photo’s for the blog. I hope to stay in contact with everyone. JD


  2. Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Yep I got tears in my eyes too. dang it.
    May each and everyone of them have a long happy lives.
    It’s been so much fun looking forward to
    each new post from the time they were conceived
    unit now. I will miss them all.

    Linda C in Seattle.


  3. So amazing to see one story have not one happy ending, but nearly ten! It must have been so tough to give those pups up, but you have to feel amazing at all the joy your seeding into the world. Well done!


  4. I can’t imagine letting go of those little golden bundles of love. It would be the reason I’d never become a breeder as I’d keep every puppy. I also wouldn’t want to take them from their mother.

    My sister in-law works with the Golden Retriever Rescue League as a foster mom. How she can bring a Golden into her home for a few weeks then let them go baffles me.

    Good luck saying good bye.


    • The joy of raising the puppies is worth the agony of giving them up. In the case of your sister taking in rescues, good for her. She is sewing her little seed of caring and compassion in each and every one of those Goldens she cares for. If even for a short few weeks. How anyone can give up a Golden is beyond me. Thanks for visiting The Sundog Drift 🙂


  5. What a fabulous start you and Sasha gave to all those beautiful puppies, and what happy lives they have ahead of them. I just love seeing the huge smiles on all the humans’ faces. Clearly, they are in a state of Golden Retriever puppy bliss. You know I have such a soft spot in my heart for Pearl, now Morgen, so I was really, really happy to see all of her pictures and to learn that she has a sweet big sister. Plus she gets to go to work with her human mommy. I totally approve of her new home. 😉 🙂


  6. oh! So blown away with all the love in those photos. It’s must be so, so, so sad saying goodbye, but you should feel proud in equal measure! Look at all that happiness you have spread! And even for those of us not fortunate enough to have one of your lovely Goldens, it spreads to us too!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) xXx


  7. So thrilled that all the kids found wonderful homes and so many of them with Golden people! I know it is sad for you, but great people that send you updates! Your babies are all lovely!
    Marty and Mom


  8. oh yes, one day… I’ll have a dog too, but right now with a bunch of wild cats running around, our home isn’t a “safe” place!
    PS. (just wonderning how you can let the babies dog go away… I coudn’t, really, I would have a lot of troubles…) :-)claudine
    🙂 wish you a lovely day


  9. I teared up reading and looking at the pictures of your babies leaving! I know it must be hard but it seems you help them go to the best forever homes. Beautiful dogs. 🙂


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