Freedom At Last!

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Finally Mama Jo opened the flood gates.  You know what they say…..the grass is always greener on the other side. There are SO many smells and things to investigate…… and destroy.  This tree is just the right size for us! … Continue reading

Who Let The Puppies Out?

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OK who let the puppies out?  They seem to be moving at an extra fast pace these days. They test a photographer the second they escape.  May have to revert back to the auto setting with this group.Guess what they … Continue reading

The Great Escape

First of all this is a RE-POST from way back when nobody was following me….excuse the not so perfect photo’s, it is the story that counts.

I’m choosing to re-post this post since this week marks one year since my sister and I adopted two wild burros from the Bureau of Mismanagement (BLM).   We adopted them for Rosie to be a guard donkey for my goats and Francis to be a guard donkey for Susie’s sheep.   I agreed to tame Francis until she was ready to go to her new home across the valley.  I would keep Rosie at Sundog.  This post was a little more than half way through their taming.  Enjoy

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other SideImage

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